Beginner’s Guide to Landing a Graphic Design Job in India

When starting a graphic design career in India, it is important to become familiar with the different graphic design jobs available in India. The most common jobs are image designing, logo design, print design, and typography. It is a highly demanded profession, with many companies seeking talented graphic designers. To start a career in this field, having the right skills Or a Graphic design course is important.

What is a graphic design job in India?

The work of graphic designers can vary greatly based on the type of industry they are in. In general, they help create visual Designing that is compelling, understandable, and convincing to an audience. They are also responsible for promoting their company’s values through these designs using color choices or logos.

Graphic design is everywhere, from the web to print, with experience in motion graphics or interactive media. 

There are many fields in which these graphic designers can find work, such as 

  • magazine
  • book publishing 
  • advertising agencies
  • mobile platform design
  • Marketing.

All designs must be created on a computer using software programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. The program some graphic designers use could vary based on their company and personal preference. Most companies want designers skilled in more than one area of graphic design.

Types of Graphic Design Jobs in India: Art, Illustration, Layout, Typography, Graphic Design

Designers should typically focus on a particular design, such as art, illustration, layout, typography, or graphic design. However, these are only some of the types of jobs that designers can have in India. 

Internships and part-time positions are also available for those who want to develop their skills independently.

There are different career paths that a designer can take. Because it allows designers to spend more time on what they want to do rather than ensuring they do their job perfectly. 

But a designer can work in other industries, such as the creative or Advertising industries. A designer can work with a government organization offering charity work.

Salary and benefits: What are the salary rates for graphic design jobs in India?

Estimating the salary rates paid for graphic designer jobs in India is hard. The average salary rate for a graphic designer in India is considerably lower than that of a graphic designer outside India.

According to the data of 2022, if you are a beginner, the average salary for a graphic designer in India is approximately INR180000 per year. The salary rate of a graphic designer in India is lower than outside India by almost 7.5 times. 

Suppose you are an experienced Graphic designer salary will vary.

Tips for landing a Graphic Design Job in India: social media presence, industry knowledge, resume writing.

Landing a graphic design job in India is an exciting option for many aspiring designers. In a country where creativity succeeds, graphic design has become increasingly popular. 

However, there are a few key tips to remember to stand out from the crowd and secure that dream job.

  1. Firstly, having a strong social media presence can greatly increase your chances of being noticed by potential employers. Sharing your work on platforms like Instagram or Behance allows you to showcase your skills and style while building an online following who might recommend you for future projects. It also allows employers to see how you approach different design challenges and visual communication strategies.
  2. Secondly, it’s important to have industry knowledge beyond just technical skills. Staying up-to-date with current trends and understanding the needs of different industries will help set you apart from other applicants.

If you don’t have money, you can start learning by yourself through YouTube channels or other blogs, or if you want to right mentor, you can join any graphic designing institute in Bangalore. Our Institute will help you land the right graphics and jobs in India Bangalore.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a Graphic Design job in India, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, be aware of the different Graphic Design jobs available in India. There are traditional Graphic Design jobs, such as web design and logo design, and more recent job options, such as Mobile App Development and Social Media design. Be sure to explore all of the job options before making a decision.

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