carpet cleaning

Our certified cleaning technicians, many of whom have been with us for 10 years or longer, bring expertise into your home to assure you that the job is done right. NationWide Carpet Cleaning technicians are bonded and housekeeping insured full-time permanent staff, not inexperienced seasonal or temporary employees. All NationWide Carpet Cleaning technicians are involved in mandatory ongoing IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified training and ongoing education programs.

Every home is unique. Most carpet manufacturers will recommend you have carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months, even before you begin to visibly notice the soil. Regular vacuuming is important, however what many people don’t realize is dust and soil can build up well below the surface and over time, carpets lose their original beauty. Most of our customers have their carpets cleaned once a year, while some may have their carpets cleaned two or more times a year, depending on the amount of traffic going through their home. Routine maintenance both at home, with regular vacuuming, and professionally, with regular cleaning, will help maintain and increase the life of your carpet.

NationWide Carpet Cleaning uses a Thermo-Rinse™ deep cleaning hot water extraction method. We begin by pre-treating the carpets with home safe enzyme based Pre-Kleen, followed up by a hot water extraction rinse to remove dirt, dust, and soil, as well as any cleaning product residue. Technicians take the time to focus on heavy traffic areas and various spot and stains of concern to the customer. The multi-step system that we use is designed to provide a deep clean to leave your freshly cleaned carpets residue free and look fantastic until your next cleaning, not next month

The carpet cleaning business, like most industries, has a variety of competitors all claiming to offer the best service and methods at a variety of different price points. Our staff, who work for us in our office, are long term people who are thoroughly trained; we’ve developed systems that are time tested and can be trusted. We are able to operate efficiently enough to pay our staff the highest wages in the industry while offering competitive carpet cleaning prices to our customers. Our technicians professional training, combined with the knowledge of our in-office staff, along with our deep cleaning Thermo-Rinse™ hot water extraction carpet cleaning system, make NationWide the top choice.

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