Perfect Way for Successful Migration

Factors to consider for choosing the right Office 365 migration type

As such, there is no prerequisite for selecting the best method for Office 365 migration. However, according to your organization’s requirements, you can go ahead selecting the correct type of Office 365 migration. But considering 491 requirements multiple factors will allow you to choose the better method to import your mailboxes items like emails, contacts, and other mailbox items to Office 365. Look at some given-below factors before approaching for Office 365 migration method:

  • The total number of email accounts and their associated item.
  • The total amount of data needed for migration.
  • Time allocation for migration task.
  • The total budget allocated for Office 365 migration.
  • The current email system of the organization.
  • The budget allocated to the migration task.

After considering the above factors, you can move towards choosing the best method for Office 365 migration.

Type of Office 365 migration method

Let’s look at the individual methods for Office 365 migration after checking at the factors that influence the decision to choose the best Office 365 migration method.  

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